Who We Are

At Sake Suki, we only import what we love, and we love to drink what we import!  Sake Suki was created in an atypical fashion.  Rather than generating a business plan for an import company, then seeking out products to import, Sake Suki started with a product right in front of our eyes, then needed to find a way to get it back home.  Hopping on a plane to access these amazing sakes was going to be too time consuming and too expensive, so we figured, why not import the sake and let everyone at home enjoy it as well! 

The name says it all:  Sake Suki means I LOVE SAKE.

Yumiko Munekyo, President and Founder of Sake Suki, moved to New York in 2011 and realized that there are not many jizake (regional artisan sake) in the United States.  Yumiko was born in Fukui Prefecture and raised in both Fukui and Ishikawa, which are famously known for their rice and sake production, so she was naturally surrounded by a vast array of jizake as she grew up.

Yumiko’s passion now is to bring that jizake to the United States for people to enjoy.  It’s important to her to show that great sake can be affordable and that it can be consumed in a variety of situations.  Yumiko wants to show that sake can be considered a casual every day drink, or it can be consumed with a wide variety of cuisines in addition to Japanese food, such as French, Italian, Chinese, American fare and more!

Yumiko graduated from University of Tokyo with a B.A. in Sociology and received her Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University.  


Jason Geiger is a Partner and Co-Founder of Sake Suki.  Jason’s passion for all things Japanese dates back to his early childhood when his Grandfather would return home from business trips to Tokyo, carrying with him snacks and other omiyage (souvenirs).  It wasn’t until much later on that Jason made his first trip to Japan and the wonderful world of sake was introduced.  While Jason had the ability to try many sake at home, it was on this trip that he started to realize that his journey into the sake world had just begun.

Jason graduated from the A.B. Freeman School of Business (Tulane University) with a B.S. in Management and is a Certified Sake Advisor from the SSI (Sake Service Institute).